Our Ranking System
Advancement in ranks requires a willingness to participate in guild activities and help other guildmates as described in each rank below.  These objectives reflect on the different  aspects of participation.  Advancing in our ranks is not something to take lightly, but a great honor bestowed only upon the best and most valiant of our members.  If you are interested in helping the guild, please let one of the elders know.  You can see the guild member ranks in game by pressing G, then selecting the roster link and guild status at the top of that window.
Toilet Training
  • new Valiant member 
  • This position is not an achieved rank, rather it is a place for your alts.


  • signed up on the website
  • claimed your character / characters in the website guild list
  • installed Raidcall voice chat and able to join in chat - even if you are only able to listen.  Raidcall will be required for some guild events, such as raids, to hear the event leader's instructions.
  • be a member for at least one month  
  • actively participate in guild events and signed in on Raidcall
  • assist other guildmates with crafting, quests, pvp, rifts etc.
  • be active in the guild for at least one month
  • achieve at least level 50 and be working toward level 60
  • recruit three suitable players for the guild and mentor them in guild activities
  •  members truely loyal to Valiant.
This is the last rank before officer ranks.  We do not require any member to become an officer.  However, if you are interested in officer positions, you must show that you are willing to take on guild responsibilities.
Class Leads
  • assist other guildmates with information on your calling, including soul trees, gear, runes and augments.
  • monitor and update the guild forum for your calling, including responding to requests for information and links to other Rift sites.
  • organize and lead dungeons, experts, 10 man and 20 man raid events
  • schedule these events on the guild website, monitor signups and participation
  • update the guild website forums with raid information and requirements
  • organize guild events, other than those shown under the Raid Templar rank.  These events may include hunt rifts, achievement and other activities.
  • schedule these events on the guild calendar and encourage participation from members.

Guild Leader

The Elders position is not an achieved rank, rather it is a rank of leadership and guidance.  Elders include the founders of Valiant and other members who have been asked to assist in the overall maintenance, co-ordination and executive decisions concerning the Guild.