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About Valiant

Valiant is a casual adult guild in the MMO Rift that takes part in Expert Dungeons, Raids, and fun Events. Our mission is to take new players, old and new alike, teach them what we can about Rift and allow them to fully enjoy the game to the best of their ability.

Valiant is unique because we understand mistakes are part of the learning process. We are a community of individuals who realize that Rift is just a game, and we want to have a guild where we can have fun and learn all aspects of the game together with friends,  in a no pressure environment.

Please feel free to sign up and join the guild if this sounds like you and become a part of the family and start making friends and trying new things.

Guild Leader: Sorgaz
Founders: Dizie, Bldrayne, Murt, Phin, Screamingflea, Zinzu